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Welcome to my online photography gallery!

I live in Texas and like to shoot existing-light outdoor photography, along with occasional light paintings under the stars. My work has been featured in Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine among other places and I am the subject of a Texas Country Reporter TV episode that aired in October of 2020.  I call what I do phototherapy because it helps keep me reasonably sane in this crazy world.  As such, I'm not a commercial photographer, but often get requests for prints.  As I don't have time to manage a printing and shipping operation, I'm providing an online printing facility for family, friends and social media followers.

Printing, shipping, and payment is handled through "Order a Print" by B2CPrint LTD, which operates worldwide.  All questions about your orders should be directed to them, as I have no control over those processes.

The page links to my Facebook and Instagram pages.  If you see an image on those for which you would like a print and don't see it here, message me via the contact page and I'll upload it.  Thanks for your interest in my photography! 


~Ken Zoller


“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”
~ Ansel Adams
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